Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you'll find common answers to common questions regarding Get Indie Reviews.

Who is 'Neat' Jim?

Clearly, it's a nickname...but if we told you, we'd have to kill you...and frankly, we're not really sure what 'neat' even means. It's a hotly debated subject here at Review Central. Sure, he's a neato guy....but he also tends to pick up after himself. Unfortunately, no one has earned Top Secret Clearance to find out why he gained this name.

What Does 'Neat' Jim Review?

'Neat' Jim loves metal. He likes his metal the same as he likes his reviews: brutal. He also enjoys science fiction. However, make sure that your work does not have gaping plot holes. To have 'Neat' Jim review your work, use our contact page and make sure you ask for him. Please remember to include links to your music or video. If you're sending a manuscript for review, please let us know the genre and the page count. 'Neat' Jim will get back to you to as his schedule allows. Please note that you will be required to provide a free PDF or free physical copy of your book. 'Neat' Jim doesn't get paid for this service.

What Does Danny Bull Review?

Danny reviews indie music in the following genres: rock, metal, punk, jazz, and blues. He also reviews indie movies and videos. Danny also loves comic books and graphic novels. If you're interested in submitting your music or video for review, use our contact form and mention Danny. Make sure that you include your links if you're sending videos or music. For comics and graphic novels, remember that when you are contacted you will need to supply a free PDF or Kindle compatible copy...or a hard copy. He's not that picky. Don't make us pry it out of you. If we have to pry it out of you, we'll just move on.

What Does Robin Bull Review?

Robin is our resident professional writer and editor. She enjoys both fiction and nonfiction works. She prefers crime, murder mysteries, and dramas. She will consider almost any category other than YA and romance that is akin to the stuff her grandma read in the 90s. She has enough teenage drama and love in her life. She doesn't need more. Sorry. She can give you a referral to other review sites for books she isn't interested in. To get on Robin's schedule, just use our contact form and ask for her. Remember, if you are contacted by a member of Get Indie Reviews staff to be placed on Robin's schedule, you'll also need to provide a free PDF or Kindle compatible version of your work. You could opt to send a hard copy as well. Oh, she does like music, but not many people compose and record indie classical, but hey - if that's you, send your link.

Does Get Indie Reviews Promise a Good Review?

No, but we do promise an honest review. If we finish listening / reading /watching your work, we promise to give you an honest review. We're not some sort of review mill. We don't get paid to do reviews. Here's the deal:

  • If you send your work to us and tell us that it's finished, we're going to publish the review...the honest review. And we are a very honest bunch. If you're super sensitive, this may not be the site for you.
  • If you send your work to us and tell us that it's still a work in progress, we'll provide you with private feedback provided that we have the time to do so. Again, though, there is no charge for this.

Why Choose Get Indie Reviews?

Well, you certainly don't have to choose us. We are just one more avenue on the web that provides support for indie work. We're fans. All three of us have experience as indies. Danny is a former indie musician who is now preparing for world domination in Brazilian Jiujitsu. 'Neat' Jim is the creator of multiple gaming mods, a writer, and a former YouTube video maker. Robin continues to kick ass as a professional writer and editor.

So, there's no real reason to choose us except for our super-ultra-nifty domain and the fact that we're all indie and big supporters of the movement.

How Did Get Indie Reviews Start?

Robin and Danny both have experience writing for a former website that reviewed indie music. Sadly, that site went the way of the dinosaurs. All three contributors love indie work and decided to work together to start a new indie review site.

Where Did the Get Indie Review Team Meet?

If you hadn't figured out by two out of three names, Robin and Danny are married. While that's a story for another time, we'd rather tell you about 'Neat' Jim. In 1998, Robin was hanging out on some abandoned field where UFOs like to frolic and she found an egg. She took it home and it hatched. 'Neat' Jim entered the world. Danny feeds 'Neat' Jim a steady diet of Sweet Tarts, steak, and human brains to keep him in top shape for reviews.


While not a question, it's still an important subject since most sites are monetized. We do not accept money for reviews. We do accept donations to help support the cost of maintaining the site. In the future, we plan to offer a few paid services such as advertisers. From time to time, we may use an affiliate link or two. But, again, reviews are free.