Book Review: Confessions of a Witch


I give Confessions of a Witch 4.8 stars out of 5.

I met the author, Ayse Hafiza, on Twitter not long ago as I was looking for books to review. She mentioned that she was preparing to publish the sixth installment to a short story series. Between the cover reveal and the title of her e-book, I was excited. I wanted to read it. I would have paid to read this book (but the author was kind enough to send me an ARC since I told her I wanted to review it). I write. I know that while authors want to share their stories, they ultimately need their work to turn a profit. That’s why as a reviewer I have no problem paying for an ebook (but hey – free is good, too).

Confessions of a Witch is a sixth installment in the Jinn Series. I gave this e-book 4.8 stars out of 5 (and 5 stars on Amazon). For a short story, the characters are well developed. I felt the family dynamic between the main male character, his wife, and his daughter. I could also picture the establishments and police stations mentioned. One of my favorite things when I’m reading a story is when the author uses just enough detail. I don’t like books that are overly detailed because it detracts from me (the reader) using my imagination. Hafiza’s book has just the right amount of detail.

(Don’t worry, no spoilers…) There are three instances that I particularly enjoyed her descriptions. One involved an exchange of items between the main male character and his daughter. The next one was her description of the witch (and it’s not what you would expect). The third one is near the end, but I won’t spoil it for you.

I love the fact that it is a short read, but I was also a little sad when I finished…because I wanted it to keep going. I think Hafiza should consider putting together a digital “box set.”

Because of my work as a professional editor, I strive to give writers constructive advice. For this review, my advice isn’t about the story line presented. My advice is be careful who you choose as an editor. There are several typos throughout the story that her editor should have caught and corrected. However, Hafiza’s story is so good, those are less noticeable. That’s why I award 4.8 stars out of 5.

Confessions of a Witch is available only through Amazon. It is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you don’t have KU, it’s just $2.99 and definitely worth it.

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