About Us

Who We Are

We're just a group of misfits  people who enjoy all things indie. Robin is a successful freelance writer, indie writer, and indie publisher. Danny is a musician and comic book lover extraordinaire (and a Brazilian Jiujitsu enthusiast and practitioner). "Neat" Jim is a metal head with a background in stop motion, animation, and indie film.

What We Do

What we do is pretty simple, at least in theory, amirite? We provide unbiased reviews of indie books, music, and even movies or shorts. For books or other written material, you provide either a Kindle compatible, PDF, or printed version of your material to us for review. For music, you'll send us a link to somewhere that we can listen to your music. Same with videos.

In the future, watch for the following opportunities:

  • Writing contests
  • Indie-go Awards for literature, music, and visuals.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Email us at: email goes here.

Get Indie Reviews Team

Robin Bull

Robin Bull

GetIndieReviews Founder

Robin is a successful professional writer. She reviews indie books and music.

Danny Bull

Danny Bull

GetIndieReviews Co-Founder

Danny loves comic books, movies, and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Bryan Christian

"Neat" Jim

GetIndieReviews Co-Founder

Dark lord of metal music.